During my 34 years as manager, I was lucky enough to manage dozens of great players. But Thierry Henry, I would say was the very best out of all them. I first met him in 1990 when I sent Monaco scout at that time Arnold Catalano to watch him in a match, in which his side won 6-0 with him scoring all six goals! Afterwards, I immediately asked him to join without even having a trial. Then in 1999, we linked up again at Arsenal and the rest as they say is history. He was 13 at the time I first met him today he's a grown man at 43.

Happy Birthday Thierry, I'm very proud of everything you've achieved and you deserve everything you get in life due to your professionalism and class, and also very proud to have known you for 3 decades now. You've been like a son to me.

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