Paris and Bayern will meet in the most prominent European club game tonight in Lisbon. Both had a fantastic run this year achieved with attacking football and attractive style of play. On the paper, this final offering us a possibility of an extraordinary encounter.

Paris, who has been one of the most ambitious teams in Europe since Qatar takeover in 2011, will play their first CL final tonight. Meanwhile, Bayern had long historical ties with this competition. The German side is one of the most successful teams with five titles to their name. Tonight is also will be their 11th finals.

Besides the ‘old vs new forces’ narratives, both Paris and Bayern had an amazing run in this competition this season. Both also very dominant in their domestic competitions by winning all of the possible trophies on their homeland. Now they are seeking a continental cup to legitimate their dominance.

Statistically, both teams are also coming to final as the two of the most productive sides in Top Five European Leagues.

Bayern have an average of 2,9 goals scored/match in Bundesliga. They also involved at several demolitions in CL, 7–2 against Spurs, 7–1 (on aggregate) against Chelsea, and a monumental 8–2 win against Barcelona. Their main man upfront, Robert Lewandowski, is having the best season of his career with 55 goals and 10 assists on his name.

Paris, on the other side have scored 2,7 goals on per match average in Ligue 1. Their attacking trio, Kylian Mbappe-Neymar-Angel Di Maria collectively responsible for 62 goals…


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