The second set of matches in the round of 16 were Chelsea vs Paris SG and Bayern Munich vs Shakhtar. With both teams facing elimination, it was time for each team to give it their all. Paris SG had something to prove after being eliminated by Chelsea last season and Shakhtar had to face the powerful German club Bayern Munich. Lets take a look at what happened in each match.

First we will examine Chelsea vs Paris SG. This was a very close and intense match for both sides. Chelsea was the hosting team, which was a threat due to their outstanding performances at home recently. Paris SG faced difficulty immediately in the 31st minute when their best and most crucial player, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was sent off the pitch when receiving a red card. This red card was a very controversial call and many people believe that it was not worth a red card. Do you believe it was worth a red card? Leave a comment with your own opinion. At this point Paris SG was playing with 10 men instead of 11, which can be very demeaning during such a crucial game. However, a chance finally came in the 58th minute with a great pass to Cavani, of Paris SG, who was wide open. Cavani sadly hit the post and missed the goal. With nerves at an all time high and the desperate need to score, Chelsea finally pulled through. Gary Cahill scored in the 81st minute to put Chelsea…


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