Or will it be an all-French final?

We’ve seen some really impressive performances in European competition over the last few days, starting obviously with Bayern absolutely crushing Barcelona by the deeply humiliating, and also hilarious, score of 8-2.

PSG, with Neymar foucssed and  in form and Mbappe seemingly back to full fitness, will take some beating in the final on the strength of their excellent showing against Red Bull.

And in the lesser weight division, Inter I thought looked a serious outfit against poor Shakhtar Donetsk. I would except the Serie A runners-up to be a force in the next season of the Champions League, which is bizarrely already underway but whatever.

But our attention returns now to this premium contest, the semi-final of the 2019-2020 Champions League, with Lyon and Bayern Munich doing battle over one leg tonight for the right to face Paris in the final on Sunday.

In any normal circumstances the right-thinking person would obviously want Lyon to beat the German monolith, but i personally really cannot bear PSG in general, and have a deep dislike of Neymar, so I guess I want whichever of these two teams is most likely to rain on PSG’s parade. The bookies have got little doubt about who is going to win, they price Lyon at 6-1 to win in the 90, and Bayern 4-1 on, 10-1 the draw. So it seems pretty clear from those odds that the feeling is for a German win. And when you look at the ‘to…


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